The Aztec Gauntlet is a Magical-MX Launcher that was added in the Mexican Fiesta 3 (Update).

Strategy Edit

The Aztec Gauntlet isn’t like the traditional launcher. It fires out projectiles similar to the Proton Gun that hit opponents instantly.

This weapon boasts very high damage, range, and agility, and can be buffed further by the MX Armors, most notably, the Black Charro Mask. The weapon can hold its own without these Armors, but it is recommended you equip them to maximize the potential of the weapon.

Even without damage buffing Armors, this weapon can dominate a match, defeating enemies in a matter of seconds even from the longest ranges. Utilize its range to the fullest, and keep your distance from the many shotgun users roaming around.

In case you do find yourself within the range of a shotgun user, the active skill can help. The active skill can defeat most opponents in one slash and recharges in 3 seconds. However, you have to be extremely close to the opponent to utilize it.

The one downside to this weapon is the small capacity. 21 rounds will drain out in seconds, so you will have to instinctively reload when low on ammo or risk a swift defeat.

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Very high damage.
  • Can be buffed by various MX Armors.
  • Quick reload.
  • Active skill can one shot most players.
  • Long effective range.
  • Very fast fire rate.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low capacity combined with a fast fire rate means constant reloading.
  • Damage can be nerfed by various MX Armors.
  • Active Skill requires the player to be in very close proximity to opponents, putting the player in danger.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second magic type weapon while the first being the Monkey Staff
  • This is the second weapon that have the Melee Active skill while the first one being the Incredible Bow.
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