The Aztec Fury is an MX tagged Heavy Machine weapon added in the Mexican Fiesta 3 Update.

Strategy Edit

This weapon is another MX tagged heavy weapon, like the Armed Guitar Case. Except, this boasts higher capacity, longer range, and faster reload and fire rate at the cost of lowered damage and worse accuracy.

It is highly recommended that you equip the Black Charro Mask with this weapon, as the 50% damage boost helps it out a lot. You can also equip the Mobile Assisted Unit Jacket and the Freedom Soldier Pants to further enhance it. Without the damage boost, this weapon just doesn't have a high enough damage output to compete with more powerful weapons.

This weapon is versatile when it comes to playstyle. With its high range, it's a good weapon for camping. And with its high agility, it's a good weapon to Run and Gun with, although the accuracy may weaken its performance.

Use this weapon capacity to your advantage. It won't hurt to pre-fire around a corner to get the upper hand over your opponent.

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High capacity (120)
  • Very fast fire rate, which can be further buffed using the Freedom Soldier Pants
  • Can be buffed by various equipments such as MX equipments and Mobile Assisted Unit R.I..
  • Very long effective range

Disadvantages Edit

  • Damage is fairly low when compared to other heavy weapons, namely the Armed Guitar Case.
    • As a result, this weapon almost requires at least the Black Charro Mask in order to compete with the other powerful weapons
  • Can be nerfed by various MX Armors and the Leprechaun's Leggings.
  • Very poor Accuracy, especially noticeable at long ranges and when moving.
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