Respawnables ingame award icons

A normal kill (+50 score points).

Awards are extra points that you get when you execute some feats of skill that can be achieved while playing a match, like earning headshots or collecting your own dropped medal. Awards give you more and additional Score Points when performed and are an excellent way of increasing the score even higher. Awards are shown while playing in the lower area of the screen. Each Award shows an icon and text with the extra points earned.

List of Awards

  • Non - Special Awards ​
    1. Killing an Enemy - 50 Score points.
    2. Bonus Points - 50 Score points.
    3. Bonus taking your own Points - 100 Score points.
  • Ranged Awards
    1. Long range kill - 5 Score points.
    2. Headshot - 15 Score points.
    3. Long range Headshot - 30 Score points.

Long Range & Long Range Headshots are two separate awards you can achieve everytime you kill an enemy at 82 feet or more. In the case of long range headshots; you have to kill the enemy long range with a shot to the head.

  • Kill Streaks
    1. 3 kills in a Row - 15 Score Points.
Respawnables Points, Points, Points!!!

Respawnables Points, Points, Points!!!

Informative video about all Awards.

    1. 5 kills in a Row - 50 Score Points.
    2. 10 kills in a Row - 75 Score Points.
  • Extra Kills
    1. Double Kill - 25 Score Points.
    2. Triple Kill - 50 Score Points.
    3. Multi Kill (4x+ Kill) - 150 Score Points.
  1. Capturing a Ghost - 50 score points.
  2. Capturing a Slimer - 100 score points.
  3. Capturing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - 500 score points.
  1. Banishing Ghost Nian - 100 Good Fortune Points, without any multiplier.
  2. Banishing Hungry Nian - 500 Good Fortune Points, without any multiplier.
  3. Banishing Great Nian - 1000 Good Fortune Points, without any multiplier.
  • Removed Awards
    1. Gadget Kill - 75 Score Points.
    2. Assist - 50 Score Points.
    3. Denied - 50 Score Points.


Awards are counted towards the score of a game, a detailed page about score can be found here


An easy way to gain Awards is collecting Medals, Enemy players leave a


A normal medal dropped by a killed enemy.

medal after being killed. Collect them will achieve an Award (Collecting Bonus points or Collecting Own Bonus points). A detailed page about Medals can be found here .
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