Attributes are benefits to the user that are most commonly available in Armors as well as forming a key point of Weapons.


Attributes of a weapon

Each weapon has different attributes, like damage or accuracy.

Some weapons also modify your moving speed. As a rule of thumb, the heavier weapons slow you down more than lighter weapons.

Armors can modify your character attributes, too. You can view total modifiers to your attributes in the lower-right area of your avatar window.


Attributes of equipment

There are some attribute-reducing weapons like the Stake Launcher and the Proton Gun which can reduce the attributes of an enemy and make them weaker in combat, which in turn can give you the winning edge to turn the tides of battle.


The five Attributes in the Respawnables are:

Damage : A weapons-only attribute, this is the firepower of the weapon.

Range : A weapons-only attribute as well, this one shows how good is the weapon in long distances.

Agility : This one shows you how fast you can move carrying a weapon. With an increment of this attribute (the more Agility), the faster your character will move.

Accuracy : Here you can see how much accurate is the weapon when is shot, also improving this ability your character will increase the probabilities to shoot more bullets to the center of the crosshair with any given weapon.

Health : An equipment-only attribute, by the increment of this stat your character will have more health in the health bar, making him harder to kill.

Attribute-Reducing Weapons Edit

The seven weapons that reduce an enemy's attributes are:
  • Proton Gun
  • Stake Launcher
  • Dual Stake Launcher
  • Zap Gun
  • Zapper
  • Incinerator
  • Proton Gun Gen.3
  1.  Stake Launcher
  2.  Proton Gun
  3.  Zap Gun
  4. Dual Stake Launcher
  5. Zapper
  6. Proton Gun Gen.3
  7. Incinerator

Attribute Reducing GadgetsEdit

The gadgets that reduce an enemy's attributes are:
  • Stun Grenade
  • Neuralyzer MIB
  • Ninja Bomb
  • Energy Grenade
  • Proton Grenade
  1. Stun Grenade
  2. Neuralyzer MIB
  3. Ninja Bomb
  4. Energy Grenade
  5. Proton Grenade

These gadgets only reduce the effectiveness of one attribute, which is Agility. Energy Grenade and Proton Grenade arecthe only gadgets that does damages the health of the player, but other gadgets do not. Ninja Bomb, on the other hand will slow others only if the they are very close to the user. Same goes with Neuralyzer, but at a slightly longer range.


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