The AtomCon Update was an update that added a number of new bundles. It was released on the 24th of August, 2017 along with the AtomCon Event.

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Welcome to the AtomCon Ticket app! Please download version 5.8.0 to enjoy an epic celebration by Atomdrome Corp. 

AtomCon is the perfect opportunity to party with your favorite Atomdrome heroes! Meet for the first time CCP VI, our best soldier that adapts to every situation. Are you ready for your new favorite? He will be signing autographs… If you can see him!

Come to AtomCon and enjoy many activities with amazing rewards - even if you finished your weekly trials before the everyone else!

Prepare your hype and get your ticket, and don’t worry if you are too excited, we have our new and exclusive Medic Soldiers team to assist you. Discover the Atomdrome universe and incredible community at AtomCon, share pictures and remember: cosplays are accepted!

AtomCon is a sponsored event by Atomdrome Corp.

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  • All Explosive Weapons have received a major buff in terms of damage.
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