Assault weapons are automatic weapons that deal low Damage per bullet but have a high rate of fire and usually have decent to high Agility.

  • Rookie Machine Gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Little Italy
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Guitar Machine Gun
  • Elite Assault Rifle
  • Winter Ghost Rifle
  • Stig Rifle
  • SMG Howling
  • Battle Ram
  • Monkey's Rifle
  • Rainbow's End
  • RA-KT Assault Rifle
  • Gatling Punch
  • Veteran Machine Gun
  • Double Barrel Machinegun
  • Plasma Machinegun
  • Cousar Crowe Assault
  • Incursion Ram
  • Fire Clacker
  • Assault Rifle HEI MK 1
  • Maskeleon Rifle
  • Lucky Rifle
  • VET 3000 ATOM

Assault Weapons

  1. Rookie Machine Gun, the starting weapon in Respawnables.
  2. Assault Rifle, a better version of Rookie Machine Gun.
  3. Little Italy, a stronger version of the Assault Rifle.
  4. Scoped Assault Rifle, a scoped automatic weapon.
  5. Guitar Machine Gun, a better version of the Little Italy. Has a large clip, great accuracy and decent damage.
  6. Elite Assault Rifle, an automatic weapon featured only in the Urban Ops Pack.
  7. Winter Ghost Rifle, the Scoped Assault Rifle's "premium" counterpart. Available in the Yeti Bundle or was available from the Ninja Path.
  8. Stig Rifle, final prize of Halloween Haunt.
  9. SMG Howling, final prize of Winter Camp (Event).
  10. Battle Ram, can be obtained separately and is obtainable in Hulk Equipment bundle.
  11. Monkey's Rifle, a prize of the second trial in the Chinese New Year 2 (Event) besides final prize Monkey Staff.
  12. Rainbow's End, can only be purchased in the Leprechaun's Pack bundle. It is also one of the best Assault Weapons.
  13. RA-KT Assault Rifle, another scoped automatic weapon, and also a slightly stronger version of the Stig Rifle.
  14. Gatling Punch, a wrist-mounted Assault Weapon with excellent Agility and Damage but shorter in range.
  15. Veteran Machine Gun, an "updated" appearance of the Rookie Machine Gun (hence the name that it signifies as well).
  16. Double Barrel Machinegun, the first Double-barreled assault weapon, with excellent Accuracy, great Damage and Range.
  17. Plasma Machinegun, the first Energy-based weapons that is also an Assault weapon! Deals decent damage and quite slow movement, but in exchange is coupled with excellent range and accuracy, along with a good ammo clip as well!
  18. Cousar Crowe Assault, another weapon from the movie Elysium, this weapon deals very high amount of damage, has great range and accuracy, but in returns, it provides the slowest movement speed out of all Assault Weapons, and a decently long reload time.
  19. Incursion Ram, a very deadly assault weapon and arguably the most powerful assault weapon in close range. This weapon is currently obtainable only through The Raid Equipment.
  20. Fire Clacker, being the first assault weapon that's also a sniper (only when scoped in)! Although its damage is quite weak as an assault weapon, but is compensated for its high damage per-shot as a sniper rifle.
  21. Assault Rifle HEI MK 1, an Energy-Based assault weapon with a typically high fire rate and excellent range. Its obtainable through the limited-time Blackbird Gear.
  22. Maskeleon Rifle is a weapon with 4 modes that can be earned by completing the Carnival 2017 (Event).
  23. Lucky Rifle, a fast-firing weapon capable off chewing down an enemy's health. Has a small clip size. It is obtainable through Lucky Set.
  24. VET 3000 ATOM, an energy-based Assault Weapon, which can be won in the Cyber Menace (Event). Its very comparable to the Chemrail, and has the Damage of the Stig Rifle.
  25. Paralizer KHR3, an powerful Assault Weapon that has high Damage, Range and Agility. It is also the first assault weapon that has an active skill.
  26. Assault Rifle DU MK2, an poison Assault Weapon that fire dart which constantly drain health of it's victim.
  27. Assault CCP VI

Veteran Soldier Pack's Effects

The Veteran Scar reduces the damage suffered from Assault Weapons by 10%, while the Veteran Pants increases your Accuracy while standing still by 20%.

But most importantly, the Veteran Breastplate increases the fire rate of Assault Weapons by 10%!

Advanced Soldier Equipment's Effects

Provides 20% Accuracy while moving when equipped with the Advanced Sight Helmet.

Just like the Lucky Vest, the Advanced Chest provides the same effects and Attributes!

More importantly, the Advanced Legs provides a 10% Damage boost!

Cadet Kit's Effects

While moving with Assault weapon, you can increase their Range by 15% and Accuracy while moving by 5% by equipping the Cadet Cap and Cadet Pants.

Also, the Damage received by these weapons can be reduced for up to 20% by equipping the Cadet Vest.

Lucky Fighter's Pack Effects

Additionally, you can also increase the Range by 15%, 10% Agility and 10% faster reload speed when equipped with Assault weapons by wearing the Lucky Beret, Lucky Pants, and Lucky Vest respectively.

Reload cancelling

Assault weapons have the ability to "cancel reload", which is interrupting the reload so you can fire off more rounds. To do this press the reload button. then QUICKLY hold the fire button. The gun will continue firing. This is useful when you are suddenly attacked and have to eliminate your enemy in seconds. Be careful as if done too late, it will reload as usual leaving you vulnerable to death.

A simple way to remember is to press the fire button before the Bot takes out the magazine clip or tilts the gun back.'

Note: Other weapons have this ability as well such as the Rocket Guitar Case, Minigun and the Revolver.


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