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* [[Blackbird Cuirass]] - Gives a Short Reload Speed Boost when a kill with [[Ballistic Knife]] is made
* [[Blackbird Cuirass]] - Gives a Short Reload Speed Boost when a kill with [[Ballistic Knife]] is made
* [[Decorated Pants]] - Increases [[Health]] by 10%
* [[Decorated Pants]] - Increases [[Health]] by 10%
* [[Dark Thief Vest]] - Decreases time of reload by 10%
=== Nerfs ===
=== Nerfs ===

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Assault weapons are automatic weapons that deal low Damage per bullet but have a high rate of fire and usually have decent to high Agility.

  • Rookie Machine Gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Little Italy
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Guitar Machine Gun
  • Elite Assault Rifle
  • Winter Ghost Rifle
  • Stig Rifle
  • SMG Howling
  • Battle Ram
  • Monkey's Rifle
  • Rainbow's End
  • JP-BEK
  • RA-KT Assault Rifle
  • Gatling Punch
  • Veteran Machine Gun
  • Double Barrel Machinegun
  • Plasma Machinegun
  • Cousar Crowe Assault
  • Incursion Ram
  • Fire Clacker
  • Assault Rifle HEI MK 1
  • Maskeleon Rifle
  • Lucky Rifle
  • VET 3000 ATOM
  • Charged Stun Rifle
  • Paralizer HR3
  • Golden 'Rookie'
  • Assault Rifle DU MK 2
  • Assault CCP VI
  • Aristocrat's Rifle
  • IZO-X
  • Dual Rookie Machine Guns
  • Dual Machine Guns
  • Morita MK 1 Rifle
  • Airsoft SMG
  • Dual Airsoft SMG
  • Chemrail
  • Barker Machine Gun

Assault Weapons





Armor Effects



Reload canceling

Assault weapons have the ability to "cancel reload", which is interrupting the reload so you can fire off more rounds. To do this press the reload button. then QUICKLY hold the fire button. The gun will continue firing. This is useful when you are suddenly attacked and have to eliminate your enemy in seconds. Be careful as if done too late, it will reload as usual leaving you vulnerable to death.

Note: Other weapons have this ability as well such as the Rocket Guitar Case , Fireworks Cart , Minigun and the Revolver.

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