The Assault Rifle HEI MK1, is an Energy-Based Assault Rifle that can be obtained by purchasing the Blackbird Gear.


Acting similar to most assault weapon, except that it has a surprisingly good Range! Use this advantage to take out enemies from long range when they can't reach you. Additionally, you can use Run and Gun technique with its good Agility, its time to kill is fast, enabling its user to go close range with enemies!

You can also camp with this weapon. With its marvelous Range, taking out enemy is no problem.

Either way works! This weapon can be used for Run and Gun for its good Agility or Camping for its excellent Range.

Weapon Analysis


  • Decent damage.
  • Very long range, especially for an assault weapon.
  • Good RoF.
  • Great clip size (45).
  • Good agility.


  • Close range the weapon is slow to kill.
  • High recoil.
  • Several equipments to nerf the weapon.

See Also


  • It's the second weapon in the game to be categorized as both an Energy-based and an Assault Weapon, after the Plasma Machinegun!
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