Respawnables - Assault Rifle DU Mk2

Respawnables - Assault Rifle DU Mk2

The Assault Rifle DU MK 2 is a weapon that was included in the V.E.N.O.M. bundle during the Summer Camp 4 (Update). It has a Good Damage, Good Range, Low Accuracy, and Good Agility. This weapon works pretty similar to the Poison Dart Handgun, as it inflicts damage over time.


Because this weapon has the same properties as the Poison Dart Handgun, its use is pretty similar. This weapon is recommended at medium range, as its accuracy isn't enough to compete with some long range weapons neither it's fire rate and damage to compete with shotguns.

The poison's damage over time doesnt stack, so 2 consecutive shots will only deal poison damage of the last shot, that means the weapon needs 3 consecutive shots and poison damage to kill, 4 consecutive shots or 2 shots and poison damage of both bullets (Shoot-wait-shoot-wait)