The April fools day 4 is an event that started on 1st April 2019, at 6pm (GTC+8). It is the second one-day event, after the first April fools day event. Limited time Rock Pets were added.

Tier Prize Description
1 x100 Gold Defeat 2 Enemies.
2 Rookie Machine Gun (+Skin) Finish 2 Matches.
3 x15 Legendary Respawnite Collect 5000 Rainbow Juice.
4 x1 Hand Grenades Collect 50000 Rainbow Juice in one match.
Total 100 Gold, Rookie Machine Gun (+Skin), x15 Legendary Respawnite, 1 Hand Grenades.

Trivia Edit

  • For the period of the event there was a huge increase of respawnite drop rates.
  • A lot of players, including those new to the game, took the chance to get the 15 respawnite for a certain mastery of their choice.
  • DL proved the 4th tier as a prank by offering 1 Hand Grenade.
  • Even though the weapon stats are remove with the exception of the Rookie Machine Gun, the Post-Toxic Crossbow is still capable of dealing damage.
  • The new Rock Pets don't follow you but are instead left at the point where you spawned from.
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