The Event has FINISHED


This is an event that came in the middle of Easter Egg Hunt 4. Its duration was 3 days, longer than both of the previous April Fools' Day Events. The Rookie machine gun gained its usual status as the most powerful weapon in the game and a new skin that makes it look like a crudely made Aristocrat's Shotgun with cardboard taped onto it.

Tier Prize Description
1 Rookie Machine Gun (+Skin!) Defeat 10 Enemies.
2 1 Cash Get Triple kill awards without dying in a match!? Again!?
3 1 Cash Get Multi-kill awards without dying in a match!? Again!?
4 2 Gold Finish 2 matches.
Total Rookie Machine Gun (+Skin!), 2 Cash, 2 Gold Defeat 10 enemies, Finish 2 matches.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the stats shown in the shop that weapons other than Rookie Machine Gun have 0 agility, their moving speed is still normal when carrying them.
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