The Event has FINISHED

April Fools' Day is an Event in Respawnables that began on April 1, 2016. It is the first and only one-day Event for now. The event consisted of 3 tiers.

  • The weapon's stats as shown in the event!
  • Rookie Machine Gun's skin being claimed from the 1st tier of the event.Go to Rookie Machine Gun
  • Whiplash wields the Rookie machine gun during the event!
  • Whiplash shooting the Rookie Machine Gun!


During the Event, all weapons except for the Rookie Machine Gun were completely nerfed, removing all their stats! The Rookie Machine Gun, however, was greatly buffed, making it the first weapon in Respawnables to have 4 bars of all stats! The Event focuses on getting kills and running around in Free For All, and since all weapons were nerfed, the only weapon that should be used is the Rookie Machine Gun.


Tiers Description Prize
1 In Free For All, get 10 kills Rookie Machine Gun (+Skin)
2 In Free For All, run 10,000 meters 250 GoldIcon
3 In Free For All, get 990 kills 500 GoldIcon
Total 1,000 kills and 10,000 meters in total 750 GoldIcon in total (1,500 GoldIcon in total if you bought the Double Gold Booster)
  • Being killed by Whiplash!
  • Being killed by Vicenzo Caesar!
  • Being killed by Masked Viper!
  • Being killed by Snake Predator!
  • Being killed by Raptor Blaze!
  • Being killed by Rocker Crush!
  • Being killed by Vulcan Dynamite!


  • It is the first April Fools' Day themed event in the history of Respawnables.
  • It is the first one-day event, making it the shortest event in the history of Respawnables.
  • It is the first event to only have 3 tiers.
  • It is the first event to release a skin for the Rookie Machine Gun.
  • During the event, all the bots in mission mode were changed to have them use Rookie Machine Gun, including even Elite Enemies.
    • It's also the first Event that modifies the bots, including Whiplash!
  • It is the first event to make all the other weapons besides the Rookie Machine Gun to have 0 stats (while enhanced/buffs its stats to 4 bars for each attributes!), meaning that all other guns will deal no damage!
  • The Rookie Machine Gun was 1 or 2 shot kill in this update.
  • Even after the event ended, apparently there was a glitch that allows a few player's Rookie Machine Gun to still have a maxed out stats (4 bars for each attributes!), while for other players, the weapon's stats go back to normal.
  • The most efficient way to complete this event is to use the Spotter and go camping in a certain place.
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