Make your enemies waste their grenades and explosive weapons while you blow them up with Ultra Grenades.
— Game Descriptions.
Anti-Explosive Pack View
The Anti-Explosive Pack is a new bundle which costs $9.99 Dollar1 that was introduced in the Grenade Fest Update on May 28th, 2014 (due to technical issues most users may have got the update on the 29th).
  • This Suit Not Only Has 30% Health, But Also Reduces 60% Damage From ANY Explosion!
  • The Anti Explosive Pack Equipped. (No Flare Gun Included!)
  • The Bundle Came With The Full Set Of Anti Explosive Armor, And 75 Ultra Grenades
  • Anti-Explosive Suit Ingame. (No Thumper Included!)
  • "Hit Further And Harder With The Incredibly Powerful Ultra Grenade."



  • After the 3.0 update, it is said that those who equip the full Anti-Explosive set can survive 5 explosive rounds with the full set (Excluding Thumper and Dragons breath cannon) compared to the previous 4 explosive rounds . This is however, valid only if you have all health perks and explosion resistance perks.
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