To do this, players only need to find a protected location (Preferrably corners) and camp there till an enemy player passes. Once the enemy is in sight shoot him down.

This tactic is best used in Free For All mode and with the Spotter Gadget. Players should hide near spawn points and behind corners. Unsuspecting enemies will be forced to respawn again. This tactic works best with Shotguns or Blunderbuss and one shot kill weapons like the Flare Gun. This tactic can also be executed with high damage weapons like the Minigun or any Explosives weapons. When using this tactic with an automatic weapon, pre-firing is a must.

Using it in Team Vs is also effective, especially when spawn camping. You can also take out multiple players with this tactic.


  • Good counter against well-armed opponents.
  • Easy to perform if opponent is not alerted.
  • Will usually take out any opponent.


  • Skilled enemies can see through it, loop and approach from another direction thus making you an easy target and then killing you.
  • Other players using the Spotter can see you and intercept you easily.
  • Enemies with one shot kill weapons can kill you if you're using a weaker weapon.
  • Explosives can take you out very easily.
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