Agility is one of the Attributes in the game, along with Health and Accuracy, that increases the player's movement speed when moving around the map - the more Agility, the faster your speed movement.


Agility attribute on weapons

Agility can be increased with lighter weapons and/or combine with armors that include an Agility attribute.


Agility attribute on equipment

Agility is mainly used to evade bullets and/or fleeing from a fight, but can also be used to eliminate an opponent more efficiently by using different strategies like the Run and Gun strategy.


Speedrun View

Agility is extremely useful in huge maps allowing you to traverse them easily and much faster than any other player boosting other attributes. This can be extremely useful when taking down opponents, taking them out before they can react, or dodging that deadly single-shot bullet.

That being said, if you fail to dodge, you can take much more damage than if you wore Health -increasing armor, meaning you are able to be easily wiped out with a shot from a weapon like the Shotgun. As such, you might want to train yourself in dodging the mad fire of bullets Respawnables has on a day-to-day basis before applying them to multiplayer.

Agility is one of the deadliest attributes one could ever possess, especially when carrying single-shot weapons with great agility.



The outfit in the Store that boosts 21% Agility, costs 123,000 Cash and 190 Gold in total

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