Fall on your enemies like a rock trap!
— Game Description
An explorer that was added in the Mexican Fiesta 3 Event. He was available during the event for $14.99 Dollar1and would later sell in the Mexican Army bundle for $39.99(USD) Dollar1, and again in the Mexico vs. Zombies Pack for $49.99(USD) Dollar1. It is currently the only bundle that gives a 24% Agility boost.

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To be the final nail in the coffin towards Rifles, this amazing archaeologist was issued, with head shot damage being halved; however far from this is the Jacket and Pants which provide little in the way of competition, being very circumstantial and almost forgettable. Nonetheless, this pathfinder is great in a Run And Gun strategy where the use of the body and legs can be made plausible, and the head of course being all powerful against sniper users.

Close to the gear is these stylized handguns, with a very similar playstyle as the Dual Soaker Pistols and Darkness Combo Guns; having low damage, high mobility, and a fast rate of fire these weapons are great in close to mid range battles.

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  • This set is mostly based on Indiana Jones, a fictional American archaeologist that is featured in the Indiana Jones Franchise.
Adventurer Pack equipped

Adventurer Pack equipped

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