Achievements are goals that you can complete by playing the game.
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Achievements buttons as showed in the Menu.

 Some Achievements require you to do only one thing, while others require that you do a given action a number of times.

You can view all achievements and your progress with the Achievements button in the Main Menu.

Each achievements gives a minor extra amount of score in your match.

This is a full image of all the achievements, including the 2 (impossible to get) hidden ones.

There are a total of 30 achievements (and one secret achievement that are no longer possible to get) that can be earned to get points for the player's profile on Game Center.  

List of AchievementsEdit

Image Name Description
Bowling Night Kill 25 enemies using Hand Grenades
Corporal  Reach Level 20
Deadliest weapon in the world Kill 100 enemies with the Assault Rifle
Double the pleasure, double the fun! Kill 500 enemies with the Dual Machine Guns
Duck Hunting Kill 25 enemies with the Shotgun
Eagle Eyes Kill 100 enemies with the Sniper Rifle
Graduation  Reach level 3
Jack of all Trades Complete ALL Missions
King of the Hill Finish first in 25 matches
Lead to victory! Finish first in a winning team in Team VS
Like a virgin Reach 5 kills in a row using only the Rookie Machine Gun .
Like old times, yar! Kill 50 enemies with the Blunderbuss
Lone Gunner Kill 100 enemies with the Dual Pistols
Making a profit Get 100,000 Cash icon (This mission is sometimes glitch and you can't earn it)
Minion on duty Complete 5 missions
Old style shooting Kill 25 enemies with the Revolver
On the good side of the line Be on victorious team in Team VS
Private Reach level 10
Rock Star Kill 50 enemies with the Guitar Machine Gun
Say hello to my little Friend! Kill 25 enemies with the Bazooka
Score a basket Kill 25 enemies with the Grenade Launcher/Dual Grenade Pistols
Killing With Style (Hidden Achievement) Get 50 kills with the Golden Gun
Sergeant major Reach level 30
Stapler Frenzy Kill 25 enemies with the Rookie Machine Gun
Through the barrel of a gun Kill 500 enemies with the Heavy Machine Gun
Tomato sauce, meatballs and bullets Kill 50 enemies with the Little Italy
Top of the class Finish first in a match
Use a hammer to crack a nut   Kill 25 enemies with the Howitzer Gun
Weapons collector Buy 5 Weapons from the shop
Dressed for the occasion Buy all pieces of a set (camper etc)
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All achievements


  • Sometimes a few of these achievements are glitched and thus can be completed by using other similar weapons (such as completing 'Duck hunting' with the Double Barrel Shotgun, or completing tiers that require Grenade Launcher using the Flare Gun MK2).