The Atom-Lr MK 1 is a scoped shotgun introduced in the Cyber Tarantula Update. It was available in the CT-Hunter Pack in the the Cyber Tarantula.

Strategy Edit

In star contrast to most other Shotguns , this one of a kind Pellet weapon can spit out considerable damage at mid-range and slightly above that as well, to make things better it has an excellent fire rate, reload speed, and ammo count - which comes back in a single reload! Furthermore this shotgun puts many close range and mid range Assault Weapons to shame as its damage can be pushed down to a two-shot weapon up close.  In spite of having increased range compared to other Shotguns , it is much more suitable to a Run And Gun Strategy where it shines best and overcomes powerful mid-range weapons. However (like all Shotguns) it suffers against Bows , Heavy Weapons , and Launchers.

Analysis Edit

Advantage Edit

  • High clip size for a shotgun (12)
  • Fast Reload (As it retrieves all 12 rounds in one reload)
  • Fires in an automatic configuration.
  • Decent Damage and Range 
  • Great Accuracy for a shotgun
  • Good Agility despite what the weapons card says 
  • Has a scope
  • Can be buffed significantly

Disadvantage Edit

  • Can be nerfed by certain equipment's.
  • Despite the clip size you may still find yourself reloading constantly.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first shotgun to have a scope!
  • Holds the tightest crosshair among shotguns.
  • First shotgun to use a revolving cylinder.

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