The weapon that is included with the Razor Gear, which arrived during the Cyber Tarantula 2019 event; is a Bullet Ammo Assault Weapons.

Strategy Edit

This weapon is a prime example of damage over accuracy, as though it appears with 3 bars in damage, it lacks somewhat in fire rate that could have easily made this weapon much better than in it's current state. Besides that though this weapon has the best accuracy of any Assault Weapon in the game, great range, and agility; so for that it is able to make up for it's lackluster damage. Like most Assault Rifles in the game, it has a 2 second reload time that can be reduced with Burning Spirit II, and even more so with the "El Gato" Vest.

The great thing about this weapon is it acts much like the Scoped Assault Rifle, in that it can issue damage from almost any range, without a loss in agility or accuracy; so the best route to take with this weapon would be a Run And Gun strategy, while bearing in mind the key components of such a strategy. Good accuracy, a scope, and consistent damage help this weapon become a hybrid between the Camping and Run and Gun strategy; only use the camper strategy when you need to as it is can build up wasted potential in games.

Without the proper equipment this weapon falls short for a paid weapon, taking seven shots to kill enemies at close range, 9 at mid-range, and 12 at long range; but with Glass Cannon it halves all that away, another thing to note is that despite having scope access, the aim will only target the body, and the cool down for it's mediocre stun ability is a staggering 30 seconds - the second longest active skill cool down to date, just behind the Dual Vamp-Handguns. It should be clear now though that this weapon would have been better if it was still 2015, but because it's not this weapon is easily outclassed by other paid Assault Weapons. Only recommended if you don't have another paid Assault Weapon at the moment.

Analysis Edit


  • Amazing accuracy
  • Good agility
  • Stun skill
  • Good magazine size
  • Decent reload time
  • Can be buffed by certain gear


  • OK damage
  • Easily outclassed
  • Active Skill takes 30 seconds to recover
  • Scope does not allow for auto-aim head shots
  • Can be nerfed by certain gear

Trivia Edit

  • This weapons Active Skill has the second longest recharge time in the game currently

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