A team of technology, class, steam, and passion. The ingredients to build victory.
— Game Description
'Tinkerer' Steam is a bundle added in the Easter Update 2018. It costs $49.99 Dollar1

Contents Edit

  • Steam Equipment
    • Steam Armor - 7% Accuracy, 40% Health, 7% Agility, 40% resistance to poison, fire, and explosive damage.
    • Steam Thumper - An explosive-type launcher with an active skill that increases all your stats.
    • Dark Doctor Mask - 7% Agility, 10% damage and healing increase to healing weapons.
  • Steam Thumper (+Dark Brown Skin)
  • Classy Watcher
    • Classy Rifle - a bullet-type rifle with an active skill that pulls out a pistol and shoots three shots
    • Dark Doctor Handgun - a bullet-type handgun that heals allies when shot at them, with an active skill that throws a grenade that damages enemies and heals allies
    • Classy Derby - 12% Accuracy, 25% Accuracy increase while standing still.
    • Classy Vest - 12% Accuracy, gives a short reload speed boost after getting a long range headshot.
    • Classy Boots - 12% Accuracy, gives a short speed boost after using a Weapon's active skill.
  • Classy Rifle (+Dark Brown Skin)
  • Dark Doctor Handgun (+Dark Brown Skin)
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