The 'Crafty' Handguns are a Dual MX Handgun weapon added in the Mexican Fiesta 3 (Update).

Strategy Edit

The 'Crafty' Handguns are not a very powerful weapon. If you are using this without any buffs, you are going to have a rough time in Multiplayer.

It is highly recommended to use this weapon with at least the Black Charro Mask to increase its damage by 50%. The Freedom Soldier Pants can also be used to buff its fire rate by 25%.

Once you have the buffing Armors, this weapon can hold its own, tearing down opponents in 3-5 shots in close range. However, the damage fall-off is sharp and the effective range is not long, so you have to be in close proximity to your opponents on order to defeat them.

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Active skill speeds up the player for a short time.
  • The speed boost gets stronger when the player is low health, allowing for quick escapes.
  • Can be buffed by various MX Armors.
  • High capacity.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Extremely low damage, comparable to the Assault Rifle DU MK 2, but without the poison effect.
  • Low effective range.
  • Active skill speeds up the player very slightly and lasts for a very short period of time when their health is full.
  • Can be nerfed by various MX Armors.
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