Enter the ring and knock out anyone that moves!
— Game Description
The "EL Gato" is a bundle that was introduced in the Mexico vs. Zombies Update and costs $20.99(AUD) Dollar1.
  • The contents
  • "EL Gato" MASK
  • "EL Gato" VEST
  • "EL Gato" PANTS

Strategy Edit

Where this Luchador shines is in his powerful Dual Weapons, the Dual Bobcat, as it takes out enemies in close quarters at such speeds, and with that said, the headgear can be used to improve the damage, the body to increase an already hefty weapon, and the legs to make it out alive against more serious threats like the Heavy Maskaleon.

With the pack equipped, the best investment would be into a Run And Gun strategy as your decent protection, swift reload, and increased damage make you a powerhouse of offense and defense. More notably however, the weapons being used can only reach targets at close to mid-range, where from there they will inflict serious damage; furthermore, the fast fire rate and long magazine size allow this weapon to enter the ring with Shotguns and Heavy Weapons at ease as you take several of them out in a single clip. Best of all though is the body, which can greatly improve the reload speed of Assault Weapons across the board! Allowing you to take weapons like the Scattershot and Double Barrel Machinegun into close range as the amazing firepower can be improved with a much needed reload speed increase.

Contents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Is the first gear to be a full skeleton body.
  • The weapon included is a a dual, and reskinned version of the Gatling Punch.
  • The bundle is probably a homage to Víctor Manuel Soto Flores, a Mexican Luchador now known as Drago, "El Gato" is the simplified version of his former ring name Gato Eveready.

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