The "Bombardier" is a grenade launching crossbow that is final event prize of the Easter Invasion event.

Strategy Edit

General Edit

The "Bombardier" functions similar to a Grenade Launcher but with lesser grenades and slightly faster detonation time. Shoot at where your target is going because the projectiles do not explode upon impact.

Run and Gun Edit

This strategy is not ideal because of how slow you run but it is still possible to execute. Equip agility enhancing armors- 14% of agility will do.

Camping Edit

Aim in front of moving enemies, the timing of your shots is very important because your desired target may outrun the detonation. You can also time it to have the grenades detonate above the enemy.

Analysis Edit

Advantage Edit

  • High damage.
  • Buffed by certain armors.

Disadvantage Edit

  • Low ammo count(3).
  • Poor range.
  • Low agility.
  • Ammo is reloaded one at a time.
  • Nerfed by explosion resistant armors.

Trivia Edit

  • The first crossbow weapon to launch grenades.
  • It shares the same firing sound with the Fire Spatter.
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