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• 1/9/2019

CNY 5 coming up

get ready for the great nian purge in respawnables

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• 12/13/2018

New Event article

An article with the name "Winter Camp" has already existed. Since the new event is called "Winter Camp", what should we do?

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• 10/31/2018

Active Skill

What is the definition of 'Active Skill' & what are the stars next to the weapon?

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• 10/25/2018

Calm Down has respawned

Update video:

His video on the event:

Calm Down Respawned!! New Update coming soon!
Calm Down Respawned!! New Update coming soon! YouTube
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• 10/17/2018

Ripped off

scrolling thru my instagram feed and i saw this fortnite page post this picture. I knew instantly the fortnite page ripped off the flare gun from respawnables. lol all these little kids who think this is from pubg but us ogs know its from respawn lol.

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• 10/16/2018

Why are there so many hackers now?

Hackers that take no damage and hackers with stupidly fast speed and fire rate, why isn't DLE banning these people?

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• 10/15/2018

Halloween coming up

y'all gonna wait for it sooner

(notice the S.F zombie)

The Respawnables on Twitter
The Respawnables on Twitter Twitter
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• 10/6/2018

Were snipers buffed?

Just used the anti-material with its new skin and the auto-aim felt more present if that makes sense. Was this a buff or is it just me?

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• 9/1/2018

Calm Down might be back

This probably isn’t worth announcing, but whatever.

Calm Down Respawn, after lying dormant for over a year, suddenly followed someone on Twitter today.
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• 8/28/2018

New Event
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• 8/27/2018

Transfers data

Hi guys
I need transfer data respwanables from facebook account to another facebook account because i will lock my account and i do not want to lose my level
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• 8/25/2018

How do I contact DLE via mail?

Can anyone link their email adress if they can?
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• 8/23/2018


sooo whats happened.

also what the actual hell is with this new forum thing. ngl it's pretty hella gey

edit: the hell, i can't strikethrough text in this forum? im done.
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• 8/22/2018

Ian there a glitch with the orbital jacket

"Nail a perfect reload to receive a 50% damage boost for 2 seconds"

But what is a perfect reload?

Many people said that "a perfect reload means the reload action after your whole clip is consumed"
But according to my pictures,that is not a perfect reload.
And probably a perfect reload isn't a reload that is performed smoothly without any kind of interruption?You must perform reload action consecutively without taking damage?I have also tried that,wasn't working
So far,I have only run into two perfect reloads and I do not know how I did it.
(The Red Cross means that's my reload is not a perfect one and if it is,there should be a green tick taking the place of the Red Cross)

So guys,is there something wrong with the jacket?Or have you found out "what is a perfect reload"

PS:The bundle Osborne excellent even if the jacket turns out to be a piece of junky,the gun is a nightmare if fully buffed with the orbital cap,ghostbusters 2016 T-shirt and the WASP pants. And the pants in the bundle is also amazing.The jump-down effect is spectacular and is a one-shot explosion.
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• 8/21/2018

Wiki Admin Rights

Just wanted to know what I have to do to have my Admin rights back. Things have changed since a couple of years ago, so I understand if it isn’t as easy as before to obtain them again. Let me know on here please. I’m looking to get right back into things again.
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• 8/21/2018

Fluffynator leaks
Respawnables - FLUFFYNATOR Stats + Gameplay Leak! | Stun Passive | Summer Camp Final Prize
Respawnables - FLUFFYNATOR Stats + Gameplay Leak! | Stun Passive | Summer Camp Final Prize YouTube
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• 8/20/2018


There are some paid weapons (new) which haven't been added into the page. Someone who knows how to perform plis add. =)
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• 8/18/2018

the annoying af new mouse thing.

you know the mouse indicator on the screen? yea the little black arrow thing that you use to select things on the interwebs? how come when i come back and try to select things im greeted with this bigaf blue pointer thing now?? its really annoying cus its so big i cant pinpoint eactly what i want to click. 
also, u know the little flashing line on the screen when you type? yea who thought it was a good idea to turn it into TWO BLUE LINES?! now i dont know which one to use to pick a place to fix a typo! its so massive that if i just try to select a line of text and itll select the line above it! 

so. to whoever decided this was a good idea. to make the mouse indicator and the text indicator so big... PLEASE RECONSIDER. especially the little flashing line on the screen when you type and edit. it makes editing really hard. and the mouse can you pick something thats more accurately a point? 

but for reals
with respect, 
III rspn
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• 8/17/2018

What are the most problematic Weapons and Armors?

Since the most popular choice in the survey is "Unbalanced Weapons and Armors", what are the most problematic Weapons and Armors in Respawnables.
I'l list off some of them:

Le Cocotier, Le Cocotier Dual, Healer, Stake Launcher, Dual Stake Launcher and Shark-Bow - Stun and slowing effects in a multiplayer video game aren't fun.
Toxic Shotgun, Assault Rifle DU MK 2, Heavy Maskaleon - Poison as a whole is unbalanced.

Medic Jacket - 30% resistance is too powerful.
Knight Cuirass - Counter bows and rifles with one easy trick!
CCP VIII - 87% Health. Seems balanced.....
S.F. Headset, Black Charro Mask, Freedom Soldier Hat - 50% damage boost to a weapon class is too powerful.
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• 8/16/2018

Do we have any plans on what will we will do once this game inevitably shuts down?

Lord Bob here, got locked out out of my account, but this is besides the point.
This is just a thought I recently had, I honestly doubt this game will shut down any time soon as it does generate revenue for DL, but it is good to discuss this scenario as we never know when it will happen. Is there any revival project that we could do once it shuts down? Something like Club Penguin Rewritten or Toontown Rewritten, but for Respawnables, we gather a team to port the game onto PC (where it would be easier to work with) and set up our own servers, events, etc. kind of like what is being done now by DL themselves. Bonus points if we manage to get our hands on an old copy of the game (pre 2014) so we could also make a side project where we just make a chill port of old Respawnables. Yes, I know modification/tampering with the game files is against the rules, but this would be done (or maybe released to the public) when the official game shuts down, to respect DL as our revival project could potentially make them lose profit if it was released to the public when the official game was still around. 
Now, I would be useless and probably couldn’t help with such a big project, but I just am wondering if we have any folks here that are good in this field and if this would be an achievable feat for us (not just the Respawnables Wiki community, but all of the Respawnables community)
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